House Rules

The following house rules are provided to ensure all guests enjoy a comfortable stay.  When you share an apartment there are certain expectations and obligations that you may not be accustomed to so please take the time to read the following house rules and ensure you can abide by them. Failure to observe these rules may result in termination of your lease and loss of deposit :

  • Our shared apartments are all located in upper class family areas and have a low tolerance for any behavior that is considered socially unacceptable.
  • Please remember that this is a shared apartment, it’s not a hostel.
  • We want you to feel at home and expect you treat this apartment as you would expect others to treat your own home.
  • Consideration to be given to both other guests and neighbours at all times.
  • Maintain a respectful level of volume in the apartment at ALL times.
  • Where the apartment has a balcony please keep the volume down on the balcony and avoid using it after 10pm.
  • The balcony is the only smoking zone in the apartment, otherwise you must go outside to smoke, no exceptions. No throwing cigarettes or rubbish from the balcony.
  • Definitely NO parties or ‘after’ parties in the apartment. There are plenty of bars and clubs in Lleras.
  • The cleaner comes on a regular basis as advised upon booking. The cleaner is responsible for cleaning the apartment, not cleaning up after you. This includes dishes.
  • The cleaner will wash bedding once a week and will wash clothing if left out early on the day of cleaning, time permitting.
  • Windows should be closed when you leave the apartment and lights turned off when leaving the apartment.
  • All valuables should be locked away, and guests assume all responsibility for their valuables.
  • Toilet paper must not be flushed, instead it should be put in the bathroom bin provided, avoid throwing anything in the toilet
  • Strictly no drugs or prostitutes in the apartment.

Partners & Visitors:

  • For the comfort and safety of all guests and respect for the owners and neighbors, the apartments are not to be used as a destination for anything related to sex tourism.  If you want a place where you can feel comfortable to invite a new special friend go to a Motel like the Colombians do.  This rule is for the comfort and safety of all guests, especially since I encourage female guests who do not want to share with a 65 year old and their new 20 year old girlfriend.  Also the last thing our guests want is to be be put at risk of being drugged and robbed.
  • A partner (not various partners) is welcome to stay the night once or twice a week (max), with consideration for other guests, and must be introduced to everyone.  You assume full responsibility for them, the apartment and the safety and valuables of other guests.  Note there maybe a fee for additional persons.
  • Renting to room does not mean you can invite visiting friends to stay with you. There are plenty of hotels and hostels nearby.
  • Visitors must be notified of the house rules and all guests are responsible for their visitors and the actions of those visitors at all times

Certain apartments may have rules relevant to the particular apartment, please ask.