Medellin Room Rentals

Who are Medellin Room Rentals?
We are not a company, we’re a group of friendly landlords who list our properties together on this website. We have been helping visitors to Medellin book quality & affordable shared accommodation since 2011. We have various options ranging from budget through to luxury. Because you’ll be booking direct with the landlord you’ll pay local market prices, in fact we guarantee you’ll pay less than the same rooms listed on Airbnb.

Why a shared apartment in Medellin?  

  1. Renting an entire furnished apartment is pretty difficult with over inflated prices
  2. Shared apartments actually work out much cheaper than hostel private rooms
  3. You will be sharing with 1-4 like minded international travelers, not 50-100 strangers like in a hostel
  4. Many Medellon hostels tend to be party orientated hostels, which is not great if you like to sleep or have to work or study
  5. A regular cleaning service means clean bedding, towels and bathrooms
  6. All services such as electricity, water and internet are included
  7. You have your own privacy & space when you need it.

We only rent rooms in apartment in the safest and most desirable areas of Medellin close to the best bars, restaurants, clubs, shopping malls, supermarkets, gyms and Spanish language schools.

Who Stays in Shared Apartments? 
Most of our guests are studying Spanish at Toucan Spanish School, the largest & most professional Spanish school in Colombia.  However you don’t need to be a student to stay at our apartments, many of our guests are professionals travelling around South America or have jobs that allow them to work from their laptops. Other tenants are completing internships or volunteering. We welcome guests from all over the world, all nationalities, all ages, female and gay friendly accommodation. Note: If you’re coming to Medellin to party & play serial dater we recommend you stay in a hostel.

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